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A game with small balls, paper cards, colored pens, blue haired grannies gossiping and knitting and a boring, old man slowly speaking in a monotone voice over a 50pence binatone microphone in a run down social hall. Sounds like fun to me! Where do I sign up? WHHHOOOOOOAAAAA! just stop there, what year are we in?

Thankfully this is a thing of the past, but let me tell you, it was all the rage 20 years ago when no-one had heard of the internet. Bingo has moved with the times. Now, you can play bingo online. How does that work you may ask! Well, online bingo is played just as you would expect, the same way as bingo has always been played. As long as you have access to a computer then all you need to do is log-in to your favorite online bingo site, sign-up (this only takes a few moments) and away you go.

Once logged-in you can buy the bingo cards you want and wait for the bingo game to start. Most games take less than 5 minutes to play so if you don't win the first bingo game you only have a few minutes to get lucky on the next game. To play bingo online can be great fun because you donīt need to move from the comfort of your home plus when you play internet bingo you have the option of live chat which lets you talk to all the other online bingo players during the internet bingo game.

Online bingo is hosted by a live bingo caller who you can chat to while you play bingo online. If you have any problems or any question about how to play then your bingo host will point you in the right direction.The cost of each of your bingo cards is about 25p but the prizes can mount upto thousands in prize money. Cruises and other great prizes are also up for grabs so it's worth having a go.

The best way to understand online bingo is just to dive on in there. Have a chat with your host and a few of the other bingo players to get the feel of bingo online and when you're happy you will be ready to play bingo online. You might also make some new friends. Aswell as playing bingo there are also ther games you can play while playing online bingo. Most online bingo site have classic online slots, multi-line videos slots and arcade games, so, there is more to online bingo than meets the eye.

As we have mentioned, to play bingo online can be fun. Bingo has been entertaining generations for years and the arrival of the intrenet has boosted this well loved gave. Online bingo makes playing bingo games a lot more easier, it's accessability is one of the major key factors in the incline of people playing bingo online. Thanks to internet bingo people from all over the world can chat to each other making news freinds in different parts of the world. Now you donīt get that in your old style bingo halls. Prizes are also getting alot bigger thanks to the internet bingo game. What did we do before the internet?

Well itīs time for me to put down my pen and pick up my colored marker, Iīm off for a game or two of BINGO! See ya all soon.

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